Effect of Dual-Focus Soft Contact Lens Wear on Axial Myopia Progression in Children

Purpose: To test the efficacy of an experimental Dual-Focus (DF) soft contact lens in reducing myopia progression.

Design: Prospective, randomized, paired-eye control, investigator-masked trial with cross-over.

Participants: Forty children, 11–14 years old, with mean spherical equivalent refraction (SER) of 2.711.10 diopters (D).

Nicola S. Anstice


Contact Lenses Paediatric

There has been a lot of interest and research in optometry for many years regarding the aetiology of progressive myopia. The previously held theory of genetic causation is generally now disputed with a greater acceptance of environmental factors playing a significant role in myopia development.

Liz Wason


A Case for Peripheral Optical Treatment Strategies for Myopia

It is well established that refractive development is regulated by visual feedback. However, most optical treatment strategies designed to reduce myopia progression have not produced the desired results, primarily because some of our assumptions concerning the operating characteristics of the vision-dependent mechanisms that regulate refractive development have been incorrect.

Earl L. Smith