Contact Lens Advice

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If you are interested in Myopic Control Contact Lenses then you need to find an eye care practitioner who you are comfortable with. You are looking for a practice that has experience of working with children as well as a good knowledge of current contact lens techniques.

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Once you have found an optician who can advise you then the actual contact lens fitting procedure is fairly simple. Your child will need an up to date eye examination and then the optician will check to see if they are suitable for contact lenses.

The lenses themselves are very soft and made of a plastic and water type material. The initial feeling is often surprisingly comfortable. Your optician will be able show you some soft lenses so you can see how they look and feel.


Once the correct lenses have been decided on they will be placed on the eye to confirm their fit and to ensure that a good level of vision can be achieved. Your child will be taught how to insert and remove the lenses and cleaning instruction will be given. It is normal for a pair of lenses to last either two weeks or a month and then they are replaced with a fresh pair. This frequent replacement of the lenses improves the hygiene of contact lens wear whilst keeping the whole system simple and affordable.

It is then normal for a trial to be organized so that a week or two of contact lens wear can be experienced before any final decisions are made. This gives you and your child the opportunity to make sure contact lenses are right for you. It also allows the eye care practitioner a chance to asses how suitable contact lens wear is and to see if there are any hidden problems that need to be taken into account.

Once the trial is completed and everyone is happy then the contact lenses would be prescribed. It is usual for the contact lenses to be supplied in three month batches with routine after care visits conducted every three to six months. Of course we are all individuals so the advice given by the optician will vary slightly from person to person..